Tacoma Zoo Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA) is transformed into a colorful winter wonderland of dazzling 3-D animal light displays with over 700,000 lights.

They get most of their light through a recycling program. Their mission is to keep thousands of strings of lights out of the landfill and all proceeds from the Holiday Lights Recycling Program will support wildlife conservation. Double wammy!

There are two different tickets. 1) Zoo lights only 2) Zoo & Aquarium & Zoo lights.

We chose to got to both, but we arrived pretty close to closing of the Zoo part. Then there is a 1 hour break before the Zoo Lights part is open. Between then EVERYONE flocks to the food venue and it is an absolute madhouse, standing room only. BE PREPARED!



Azzy looking cuter than ever next to the Sea Turtle.

This was such #housedecorationgoals when we saw this! Seriously, how cool would it be to decorate your house with Christmas Lights in the shapes of sea animals like Sting Rays, Sharks, Sea Horses, ect.

So awesome!

Yes, Washington is very proud to be 12th Men & Women. You can’t escape it, even at a zoo.

If you are ever in Washington I highly suggest you check out the Tacoma Zoo no matter what season, but especially in the Winter! Want to see more RWTG adventures? See them right here!

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