COURSE: C2Business Management Tasks – QHT1

START: May 3, 2020


PA: 4 Tasks

Task 1: Started May 3, Passed May 4 (less than 30MIN)

Task 2: Started May 4, Passed May 4 (less than 30MIN)

Task 3 Started May 4, Passed May 4 (less than 30MIN)

Task 4 Started May 4, Passed May 4 (less than 1HR)

Below is a screenshot of just how fast this class can be completed. Faster if you have no distractions like children who want to be fed or played with, dogs that need to be fed and go out to do their bismiss (how my son says business lol), and a partner that needs a little love too.

I suggest you don’t do the reading unless you really want to learn this information, which will be super helpful, but if you are on a time crunch be happy to know reading isn’t necessary. The Powerpoint Presenations provided by the course mentors and tips will be more than enough paired with the search tool to directly lookup your answers is the text. Put the answers into your own words..PASS!

And since proof is in the puddin’ here ya’ll go…My final results!

DIFFICULTY: Very Easy (I almost thought is was joke how easy this course was)