Have you ever needed to connect a hose to an unattachable water source? Have you have had a leaky hose? It’s frustrating and can be difficult to find a reasonable solution. That’s where the Water Bandit can really save the day!


This product from Camco is an inexpensive fix that connects a standard water hose to would be unattachable water sources. One end connects to a standard water hose, via a brass, male, standard water connection. The other end a highly flexible, silicone polymer sleeve stretches to fit over the end of virtually any standard water source; those with damaged or stripped threads and even to water sources with no threads at all.


Stop Leaky Water Connections

Leaky hose connections can be annoying, messy and wasteful, but they are also preventable. A faucet with damaged threads can mean constantly muddy conditions around the faucet and can cause you to get wet each time you turn the water on. The Water Bandit solves these problems and many more.

Connect your hose to the Water Bandit by screwing the hose onto the threaded brass end. Then simply slide or twist the rubber end onto the leaky faucet or water connection until it is fully attached. It’s that easy.

Fill Fresh Water Tank

Connect your hose to the Water Bandit by screwing the hose onto the threaded brass end the slide the rubber end over the threadless connection and you’re ready fill.

Camco Water Bandit -Connects Your Standard Water Hose To Various Water Sources – Lead Free (22484)


I am happy to say after testing an unattchable water source (the sink) AND a leaky hose connection at the spigot it performed exceptionally in both scenarios. Definitely not something you will use all the time, but worth have with you in case it does come up.

You know if you don’t buy it, that situation will definitely come up….

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