Recently, I received a call from Charles who works for Thousand Trails. He informed me that Thousand Trails in my area (Washington) would be making many changes and wanted to setup a meeting time to go over those upcoming changes. I agreed and thought it would be a good opportunity to stay in-the-know about the private RV campground we pretty much exclusively use.

We got on a short conversation about how the RV community is greatly affected by the novel COVID-19 virus. The closing of private and public parks puts the roughly 1 million full-time RVers at a disadvantage and safety risk, unable to shelter in place in the is no place to shelter. Many of us don’t have it in our budget to continue roaming, searching from place to place for a place to park only to be told a few days later we have to start all over again. Add children and animals to this mix and it becomes much more serious!

Charles mentioned that Thousand Trails has stayed open for US as a community. They understand the impact this virus is having on our special community. I felt relieved and so, so grateful for their consideration because our stability and security is very much integrated into Thousand Trails. If you are used to RVing with hookups and are unable to find a place to stay, I highly suggest checking Thousand Trails and using their Camping Pass. If you are on a tight budget they offer a payment plan (no credit check)!

Stay safe during this time and reach our to the community if you are in need of help whether it be financial or in need of shelter. You never know who can help or knows of someone else who can!

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