I created this table of comparing the new Thousand Trails membership upgrade for my husband and I to make it easier for us to decide which one we are going to get. I’m an excel girl through and through. I LOVE CHARTS AND TABLES. They are straight to the point and I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That’s why this visual works for me. Okay enough love…

I realized after looking through other blogs that were SUPER informative (thank you), but not organized in a way that made sense or easy for us to make a decision. Especially with so many options. Maybe it’s just because Thousand Trails has had way too many changes…

This is only the NEW Upgraded Memberships comparison. I completely understand that there are thousands (pun intended) of memberships offered by Thousand Trails, outlets and brokers that are cheaper, but this is what we decided.

CASH BUY$6,495$8,645$13,095
FINANCING TERMS (MONTHS)60 MO. (5 years)72 MO. (6 years)72 MO. (6 years)
TOTAL FINANCING$9530$13522$20390
CASH VS FINANCING$3035$4877$7295
Nights of CampingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Book in Advanced120180180
Number of ParksALL Thousand Trails CampgroundsALL Thousand Trails CampgroundsALL Thousand Trails Campgrounds Discount20% off daily and seasonal rates20% off daily and seasonal rates20% off daily and seasonal rates
Days In212128
Days outPark to ParkPark to ParkPark to Park
Unlimited Day UseYesYesYes
Cabins50% off & (5) Free Weekly Cabin Rental Rebate Certificate50% off & (5) Free Weekly Cabin Rental Rebate Certificate50% off & (5) Free Weekly Cabin Rental Rebate Certificate
Getaway Cabins$85 per night$60 Per Night + (1) Free week Stay for 10 years. Trade free week for RPI Condo or Cruise$60 Per Night + (1) Free week Stay for 10 years. Trade free week for RPI Condo or Cruise
Affiliate Benefits(1) Free Years RPI Resort Connections(2) Free Years RPI Resort Connections(2) Free Years RPI Resort Connections + (6) $500 Vacation Credits
Additional Week2 Weeks per Year at $29/week2 Weeks per Year at $29/week2 Weeks per Year at $29/week + 2 High Use Weeks per Year at $99/week
DuesDue Annually/Frozen at Age 62Due Annually/Frozen at Age 62Due Annually/Frozen at Age 62

Here are the downloads that I received the same day I contacted Brandy Reneau that might be super helpful:

Things to consider…

Everyone is pre-approved! So do not worry if your credit is in the dumps for whatever reason! They only need a credit application because this is a legally binding contract which is very reasonable. Should you default on your obligations they have means of recourse.

Don’t get hung-up on the total of financing cost. Not everyone can fork out thousands of dollars upfront and that is okay. Not everyone wants to boondock, live off the land using solar and do all that fun stuff. It’s okay to feel more comfortable being plugged-in, Glamping and having all the resort amenities. Everyone’s situation is different, so a payment less than $300 can relieve a lot of financial burden with this lifestyle whether is was chosen voluntarily or not.

Another topic of conversation to note is Thousand Trails does not require a background check. I wish they did, but they don’t. So, with that said please be cautious letting your children play alone (call me overly cautious, I just won’t be that parent searching for their child!). Even for yourself, keep in mind that people full-time RV for many reasons, not all them for adventure.

Is Thousand Trails right for me?

Really evaluate how long you will be doing this lifestyle, what you are comfortable with (hookup/no hookups, being further from hospitals, affording a solar setup, do you a generator, etc.), and how often you want to tear down and setup.

I for one want to be close to a hospital if only for my children’s sake. I also do not want to be in the middle of nowhere risking being attacked by ferocious bunnies. Also, I’m currently not interested in investing in solar or installing it on my current rig.

Still can’t pick which level?

Consider these:

  • Cost of gas and vehicle maintenance cost per mile of driving from each location
  • How easy/difficult will it be to pack-up, drive and setup camp every 21 days vs 28 days
    • The Basic Elite may be cheaper, but you will move more often than with the Ultimate Odyssey
    • The Basic Elite you will move 17 times, Elite Connections 13 times, and 12 times with the Ultimate Odyssey including using your extra extended stay weeks.
  • Is the +/- $120 payment difference between the most expensive option (Ultimate Odyssey) and least expensive (Basic Elite) worth the extra money, more/less travel, effort of tear down/setup
    • Depending on the gas mileage your setup gets, that $120 gap starts to close fast due to moving more often means consuming more gas plus the cost of vehicle maintenance per mile

I really hope this was helpful for you. If I missed something or you have any question feel free to comment below!

If you are interested in new Thousand Trails Membership upgrade and want more (updated) info contact Brandy Reneau (she’s a amazing) at and let her know the Garnicas sent you!

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