We currently have AAA Premier RV roadside assistance. This is the highest level of AAA ($172). We chose this level because it offers towing up to 200 miles of towing, free fuel delivery, 1-day rental car and up to $1500 trip interruption insurance. Our Dodge Durango has not been a reliable vehicle (reasonably named Unreliable) in the past and has seemed to fail us at the *most* inopportune times.

1) In the middle of the road 2) While we were trying to leave to show our house during the selling process 3) At Chehalis RV Campground & Resort on the day we were supposed to leave 4) On highway while towing our travel trailer (see full story here).

Though we did not use our AAA services in all the situations, the customer service experience was always exceptional, the calls were not counted against our 4 services a year and we couldn’t have been more grateful that we invested in this service.


Another place to check if you need roadside assistance is with your insurance carrier! Some carriers include RA in your policy and some (GEICO) tack it on as an extra charge.


I have not tried this Emergency Roadside Assistance so I am unable to provide personal experience. I have read and watched many many many reviews that are mixed.


Did you know that some credit cards offer benefit like free or discounted emergency roadside assistance up to a certain amount of miles. This can really save your butt. We used this one time when the Durango wouldn’t start after going to the movie theatres.


Try not to get too discourage and upset during a breakdown, blown tire or running out of gas. It’s best to make decision with a clear mind. Each situation is different and breaking down can be stressful which causes us to be a less patient and a lot more defensive.

A few tips to help prevent and manage this situation that we try to follow:

  • Make a pre-trip and post-trip inspection checklist to catch any issues ahead of time if possible
  • Consider a Tire Pressure Monitor System to become aware of a deflating tire asap
  • Tire Inflator
  • Making sure you have a charged cell phone
  • Purchase an portable battery charger in case you have a long wait
  • Check that your emergency roadside assistance is active
  • Have the emergency roadside assistance number saved in your phone
  • Purchase an emergency roadside assistance kit for safety
  • Let someone know where you are, where you are going and an approximate time you will arrive. Should something go wrong this might aid in locating you.
  • Hangry Kit (not even lying, this will save the poor soul that stumbles upon someone like me when if I were to become hungry)

A few other items to consider having in your vehicle

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