It’s one thing to consider RV living. It’s a whole other ball game to consider RV living with kids. Here are a few things, call it food for thought, when taking on #rvlife with the kiddos:


RV living will likely be much smaller than what you are currently living in. Pair that with not one, two, but three or more bodies in a small space can feel overwhelming at first.

Making sure not to bring too much into your rig will help it feel less cluttered. Getting items to help organize your items strategically in cupboards and on walls will help tremendously!

If everyone gets up at the same time you will likely all share one tiny bathroom that barely fits you comfortably. The walkway also may not accommodate more than one, maybe two bodies passing by at once. So, having everyone moving at one time could get intense. Consider staggering your wake up times if this is a concern to you!


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I am sensitive to noise. Possibly overly sensitive so it was quite the adjustment to always hearing EVERYTHING my children do at all times.

I suggest you get used to it, and fast that children need time to be loud and play. Matter of fact, play with them and it won’t be so bad. This will help when there is a time for them to be quiet. Remember they are children, not robots.



Kick em’ out. JK. Depending on the age let them play outside in front of the RV door! We personally are always outside with our kids, but if you don’t have a problem then let them loose with expectations.

If you have teenagers you may even let them walk to the cabana if your at an resort.


If you are RV living with kids full-time or considering it, homeschool is probably something you need to look into or are doing already. That can mean that you teach your children or that they do online school.

Either way try to make homeschool just as fun as your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be overly difficult or boring. It also doesn’t have to be overly artsy fartsy if your not into that much.

Want to know how we homeschool and what curriculum we use? Check it out here.


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We’re friends right? RIGHT! So let me be frank with you.

Intimacy can be a difficult challenge while full time RV living with children. No amount of distance, thin walls or hollow doors can hide what’s going on especially as they get older and start understanding what sex is. Don’t kid yourself.

I suggest setting boundaries with your children that can understand “you need to knock” or “don’t interrupt unless it’s an emergency”. Waiting until the kids are asleep will be best for the ones that are too little to understand.

As for the neighbors or guests, this is the advice I read and really liked. “If the trailers rockin’ don’t come knockin'”. Seriously, though. Don’t let this lifestyle cramp your style. Figure out what works for each of you and stay intimate!


Kids, kids, kids. They do foolish things without thinking and break bones, gash faces and who know what the heck else. Make sure you have medical for them and always know where the nearest hospital is or where to get help!

Also, keep up on your children’s dental hygiene so they don’t get cavities requiring an expensive dental visit. If their teeth start growing in kinda funky or you know that you have genetic issue (impacted teeth, missing adult teeth, peg teeth) early orthodontic intervention can save thousands of dollars later.


This subject can get frustrating. There are places that do not allow children. Some make it expensive to stay with children. Be aware of these places and their rules before you show up.

If they don’t want your babes, try not to stay there. It’ll suck!


Kids and teenagers can get bored pretty easily! Consider having plenty of family games an instrument or two, movies, video games, books or e-books, and/or puzzles.

More importantly make time to spend with them without distraction of any technology! They’ll remember they time you prioritized just for them.

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This list is not complete by all means. I will be adding more as I learn. Feel free to drop what it looks like living in an RV with kids or what your concerns would be!

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