In the event of something crazy pops off while RVing here are a few tips for prevention and protection no matter where you are:


  • Keep keys in reach at all times in case of an emergency. Being able to activate your car alarm can act as a distraction, deter further danger and potentially alert nearby campers
  • Keep your phone with you at all time in case you needle to call for help!
  • Whether it’s an animal or human encounter, Bear spray is great to keep on hand for a non-lethal way of defense. Not knowing how to use it correctly will make it pointless, so be sure to read the directions and practice using it in case a hostile situation occurs
  • Another non-lethal defense, similar to the car alarm, is to keep a Fog Horn on hand for deafening any unexpected visitors and alerting anyone near enough to hear the horn
  • Carry a flashlight like this one.  This triples as an actual flashlight, blinder and weapon. Flash any suspected danger with the strobe mode and then use it as a weapon if needed
  • Take a self defense class
  • Your house has wheels, leave
  • Let friends and family know where you are, where your going and when you will be returning


  • Lock up all of your possessions outside of the RV including furniture, generators, electronics or anything that may tempt someone to creep around.
  • Lock your RV doors, windows and compartments at night and before you leave
  • Put a hitch lock so no one makes off with your RV aka entire house and all that’s in it
  • Install a security camera on the outside so that you can monitor your surrounding while inside or when you are gone
  • RV “Porch Lights” are a small way to keep away those who prefer total darkness to cause mayhem
  • Replace factory installed cam locks

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