Every story has a beginning.

David and I went to the same middle school and high schools. I always had a huge crush on him and tried many times to get his attention. He barely noticed me and claims he didn’t really know that I was interested (I still don’t believe him).


In summer of 2009 I asked my mom “How can you look at the same person everyday?” in reference to marriage. I then went on a rant about how I don’t and won’t ever need a man. Her response will forever haunt me!

“Be careful Eb, someone is going to come along and knock you off your pedestal”

“Pffff, yeah rightttttt”

FALL ’09
Our first day together…Still can’t keep our hands off each other <3

Fast forward to Fall 2009 I was on Myspace (good ol’ days) and I saw David on the “people you might know” recommendations. I swear I already had him as a friend and he says he deleted a lot of people when he gave his life to God. Apparently, I was on the cut list.

He did eventually accept my friend request and then he messaged me. The rest is literally history. I loved him instantly! I stand by that statement to this day.

One day while hanging out he goes to say, “I have the perfect way to propose”

“Oh really, and how is that?” I said. Marriage was never something I dreamed or even cared about until….

As he was about to open his mouth he paused and then said, “I can’t tell you. It might be you.”

Oh my goodness. Those word lit an internal fire that no one could quench. Marriage, children and a husband all of a sudden became the most important goal in my life. Mind you… I was only 16 and only cared about myself, going to school and being Miss Independent herself.

Time jump…

First Wedding 2013

We got married in 2013 with only our moms and daughter there. It was small, intimate and perfect for that time. He never proposed and I didn’t really care because I just wanted him to be ball and chained….I mean committed to me forever.

The Proposal 2016

In 2016 David planned a date for him and I to go out. I was excited to spend some alone time with him since our son had come along and we were almost never away from our children.

We drove to Woodinville, WA where we waited in a parking lot of Suite C’s Vino Wine Bar. David kept asking if I knew why we were there. He must of thought I was being snoopy…. sigh usually he would be right, but not this time.

A few trucks pulled up and we boarded them. They drove us to this huge open field to reveal that we were going on a sunset hot air balloon ride with Over The Rainbow Balloon Flights!!!!! I am extremely afraid of heights, but hey, what the heck we were already there lol

David and another gentleman were selected to help “set up”. Come to find out they were being given instruction on the perfect time to propose. The other gentleman was a young man in the military that would be going off soon to some location. I hope he and his fiance (now wife hopefully) have wonderful marriage.

We boarded the hot air balloon and traveled across Woodinville Wine Country. It was absolutely beautiful.

As we began to descend David turns to me and asks me re-marry him and then turns me around to find our two children and both of our families waiting for us with signs.

It was just….beautiful….amazing….precious

So much thought went into this. This is what he didn’t tell that day we were hanging out and I’m so glad that I was the one he chose to be his wife!

Afterwards, we arrived back at the Winery and enjoyed ourselves! Best wine I have ever tasted. Wish I would have remembered what it was, but I couldn’t get over the amazing day I just experienced.

I hope you guys’ enjoyed our story. Please share with us your love story!

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