Just like your banking records, there are certain papers that are useful for you to stash away for the future, whether for a school official, or for your children, or for you to reminisce!

It is helpful to put together a portfolio each year, even if you use a testing option to verify your progress to the school officials. Because I use a homeschool lesson planning/record keeping book that is fairly comprehensive, all I need to add to my lesson plan book are some photos and samples of my girls’ work. Your portfolio for the year might include:

  • Your school calendar, with field trips, outings, sports events, etc. marked (as well as any attendance records).
  • Your typical daily schedule. You might even include your teacher lesson plan book or journal.
  • Lists of the materials you used this year. I like to include how much I spent and where I purchased my materials, for future reference.
  • Report cards/grades, if issued, and any standardized test scores or evaluation reports.
  • List of extracurricular activities and field trips.
  • Photos of your child studying, playing sports, learning on field trips, socializing with others, etc. Also, photos of projects your child has completed.
  • Reading lists of books completed.
  • Projects and achievements.
  • Samples of his best work. You might collect these weekly, then cull monthly
  • Checklist of life skills acquired.
  • Audio or video tapes of your child reading, playing an instrument, reciting from memory, etc.

There are general homeschool records you will probably want to keep in your files. While not all of these are required by state or local authorities, some helpful records to keep might include:

  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Immunization records or waivers
  • Previous school records
  • Test scores
  • Annual student evaluations
  • Copies of all correspondence with school officials, including Notice of Intent forms
  • Copy of your degree or diploma, or teaching certificate, if applicable
  • Receipts for educational materials
  • List of in-service training that you have completed (homeschool workshops, book lists of resources read, tapes, support group topical studies, etc.)
  • School photos
  • Awards and certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Key to your grading/evaluation system
  • Your philosophy of education/list of goals

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