Great Wolf Lodge Check-In Area & Front Desk


We checked in ahead of time via the email they sent. Check-in was fast and the staff was very friendly! They even sang happy birthday to Amaziah… but not your typical happy birthday son…No, that would be boring lol their happy birthday song had a big ol’ howl at the end! Good times..

Great Wolf Lodge Gift Shop

Gift Shop

What’s a good attraction without a gift shop? GWL has a ton of Wolf merchandise that’s bound to burn a hole through your pocket. You are thinking that you’ll leave your wallet in the room or your vehicle? Think again! You don’t need a card or cash to make any purchases in this facility. Anything you need to buy will be charged to your room via a wristband/bracelet the adults wear!

Neat feature? Yes and No. Convenient, yes. BUT expenses can easily get away from you. Breakfast here, coffee there, merchandise SURE, oh it’s just a pop… see what I mean? So be sure to keep track of how much you are spending or be stuck with a huge bill at the end!


We decided to be fancy this time since this was first for all of us. We got the Themed Room which had this awesome bunk bed with forest features, while we had two queen beds in the main area. It ended with the girls in one queen bed and boys in the other. Go figures. Next time we are getting the most basic, cheapest room!


After a long day swimming, splashing and going down slides we were desperate to slip into the sheets. To top it off we played their book story channel and fell fast asleep! That’s what I call a good night. Though, It would have been a great time for David and I to have our own time while the kids slept. Hey, welcome to parenthood right?

Water Park

I didn’t get any pictures of the water park. I know, how rude? To be honest I really just wanted to be present with my family and I don’t regret that. The water park was amazing. All of us loved the wave pool, well Ami warmed up to going in after about an hour. David and I took turns going down the waterslides with Azzy. The Howlin’ Tornado….was crazy! Tell me why I didn’t expect the hugeeeeee drop…

Story Time

I took Azzy down the Howlin’ Tornado first. This was the first time on this water slide for both of us. I expected it to be like a toilet bowl ride that we swirl to the bottom… NO! So here is how is goes, the tube has four spots and at least two people need to go down. One person has to go down backwards, I suggest kids go backwards so they won’t see what’s coming. Then, the staff pushes you and you disappear down a dark tunnel. You make a few twists and turns, and that’s when you see it. This wicked drop. I went backwards and realized my daughter has never been on something so scary. Can’t stop now, we started going down. The absolute terror on this girl’s face was priceless! I thought one of us was going to come out of the tube so I braced my self to catch her as we were going down. I wanted to scream like a child, but as a parent I was obligated to show no fear…okay I screamed a little. Plus, Azzy screamed enough for the both of us…lol I have to give it to her because she didn’t shed a tear. No, she says ‘Lets do it again!’. I hadn’t even grasped my bearing yet. I kindly referred her to David (muahahaha)

My point. Go on the Howlin’ Tornado with your child(ren) 48″ and taller! It’s worth it, even if you or they don’t ever do it again.

Great Wolf Lodge Build-A-Bear Workshop


They even have a Build-A-Bear! It was pretty dead in here! I’m surprised the BAB company has managed to have surviving locations. On a side note… A comedian we’ve listened to talked about Build-A-Bear being so expensive, so what he did (or part of his skit) is he purchased a bear, cut it at the the seams, pulled off the eyes and nose then gave it to his kid to put back together. Build a bear. Child was non the wiser…. FUNNY TO ME! You’re welcome.

Bear Paw


This neat little corner had some bomb ice cream… I mean is there really such things as bad ice cream? Don’t answer that. I rather be blissfully ignorant tbh.

We each got which ever ice cream we wanted and then loaded up on brownies, cookies and whatever else they had that looked amazing! Yes, we went all out.


Right outside the entrance of the waterpark is a restaraunt that serves pizza. BOMB! Like super good… at least in my opinion. David said it was so-so.

On level 1 (ground level) there is another restaurant that serves BBQ and heavy foods like that. I thought they were decent and so did the rest of the fam. Next time, I’ll stick to the pizzas!

Inside the water park there is a burger and shake stand that also serves salads, fish & chips and a few other items. Very good. None of us were disappointed. We ate here twice (one meal was included in our package)!


We loved this place. Definitely will be coming back possibly in June for Azaliah’s birthday… we’ll see. Checkout their website here and signup for emails to be notified of good deals!

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