I have always wanted to finish my degree in Accounting. It has been a long road between having children, working full-time until last year and life events. Finally, I feel like life is settling in with full-time RVing and I’m ready to go back to school and finish! Thankfully I am almost done with only two classes to go. Below is a little information about what my next few years or so will look like:


I will be finishing the final two classes for my B.S. Accounting and starting my M.S. Accounting shortly after.


Western Governors University (WGU) home of the Night Owls.

WGU Washington Flag


There are two differences between now and when I lived in a house in and they both pertain to testing. I will be in an RV versus my own personal office. This might be a bit difficult to concentrate, but weather permit I can go outside and study. The other difference is internet might not load my courses and the resources as fast, or worst might not meet the requirements for testing remotely. All I can do is try to plan ahead and find a spot such as a local library!

Studying on a computer or phone whenever I want will be exactly the same. It will still be on the couch or in bed. That’s what I love about WGU. I can study or test any time, any place and at my pace 24/7/365. If I want help I can reach out. If I want to finish my M.S. in 6 months versus 2 years, I can. Total flexibility!


May 1st is the start date! SO crazy but I am excited!


I really love learning about Accounting, but working in Accounting sucks. The hours are long and the corporate environment can be terrible. Internal Auditing was amazing and I absolutely loved it. Maybe it’s because I had amazing mentors that I miss terribly.

My true interest is Fraud. It’s exciting and I love learning about the criminals and ALL types of fraud that they commit. How they stay ahead of the security changes. It’s exciting to catch them. It’s exciting to see how they react or try to hide. So, what I think I want to do is be a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). The experience would automatically qualify me for being a Certified Internal Auditor since I passed the CIA exams while working at bank.

Dang the more I think of it that sounds pretty boss status.

But…. The reason a degree in general is so important even if I ultimately don’t use it is because it was important to my father. I always wanted to do just that one thing, go to and finish college. Even though he is gone, I still feel that realistic desire that he had for me and it would bring me so much happiness to fulfill it.

I hope that if you have a dream or goal that you be able to fulfill it even if it is difficult and there are obstacles! I encourage you to try <3


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