Furrion Backup Camera & Shark Fin Review

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch, 4 camera Wireless RV Backup System with Infrared Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angles: 1 Rear Camera, 2 Side Cameras, and 1 Door Way Security Sharkfin Camera –  FOS07TAPT

Lets just be honest, I am not a very good driver. I rely heavily on my backup camera in both vehicles so the thought of towing a trailer behind me the first few months was a bit terrifying! Sometimes it still is when I hear about RV accidents. This is where the Furrion Backup Camera comes in handy!

David and I made it a priority to have AT LEAST a backup camera on the RV and decided ahead of the time to go with the company Furrion. Now all I was really concerned about was the camera in the back, but after towing for the first few times it became very apparent that side cameras would be very useful.

Ultimately we purchased the Furrion Backup & Shark Fin Camera Bundle. Definitely NOT cheap, but a well spent safety investment. We did not install and have not used the door way security camera so unfortunately we won’t be reviewing this feature yet!


$839 before tax


Installation was “easy”. I say that with quotations, well, because the directions sucked and I can be a bit…..oblivious to the obvious at times…sometimes…okay geesh…Most times!

sharkfin camera

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to install this device and I suggest making sure that you completely comfortable getting on a ladder and playing with wires.

Thankfully my experience working on a house and the tricks that I learned from that experience allowed me to trouble shoot the issues which is not know which wires go together because they were NOT the same as the old lights (long sigh).

Who knew you had to connect the trailer to the vehicle and manually turn on the lights for the trailer lights, now camera lights, to work?! Pfff… Rookie mistake.

backup camera

I thought I didn’t install the camera lights correctly until a light bulb moment happened. So here is my advice. After connecting the wires and sealing up the edges around the lights, connect the trailer cord to the vehicle and turn on the vehicle lights. Don’t forget to plug in the display screen.

My only experience is with a travel trailer so if you have a moterhome be sure to check out the advice in the comments section on Amazon 🙂

Installation was easy, just don’t be a ditz like me lol


  • Easy installation on the RV
  • Easy pairing the device
  • Easy user interface on screen
  • Audio available


  • Pricey

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