In our RV, we play board games pretty much daily! We are a super competitive family that tries to act like we play just for fun when we really we play to win. This usually results in super annoying winners (lots of hoots, hollering and dancing) and sore losers (tears, pouting and demands for rematches). What more is there to be said? Welcome to the fam! Here are some of the family night games that we play:


Up until recently this was my (Ebonie’s) game. Undefeated winner…until I told the family my secrets. Oh well, this has become a new favorite now that ‘everyone can win’.


Connect4 is an easy game that really young children can get into even if they don’t completely understand the concept or have strategies down. Plus it’s a fast game if you are not wanting to drag game night out too long!

Guess Who

I recently played this for the first time at 26 years old! Like what the heck, where has this game been my whole life?! The entire family absolutely loves this game and it’s one of the ones no can cheat. Yes, we have some phonies in our family…not naming names…maybe one day lol

Candy Land

I think we are on our 5th or 6th purchase of this game. It gets used that often! It must the graphics, but this kids really enjoy this one. Brings back so many memories!


Battleship is fun, but takes so long to setup so we rarely play this one. Still fun when we do though!

War & Gold Fish

Similar to Candy Land, we get a deck of card at least every other month. They get used heavily for games like War, Gold Fish, 21 and more.


This is a more advanced game that we can start playing with our oldest. My mom is the master at Clue (I’m convinced she cheats somehow, jk mom I love you).




Who doesn’t like this game, please don’t raise your hand nobody cares Negative Nancy. Some of the pieces I can’t get worth my life.

Chutes & Ladders

A game that can last 5 minutes or 5 hours…seriously!


Make sure your RV is level and stable for this game! One person gets up, celebrates too much or goodness forbid the dogs shake in their crates, everything comes tumbling down.



Break The Ice

Babies can play this WITH SUPERVISION. Hit the ice blocks! If playing it the intended way, it is super fun for the family as well.

Hungry Hippo


Got an actor in your family, make sure to have them on your team!

Old Maid

I personally love this game. It reminds me of poker for some reason. Anyone? No one… Just me?!


Good ol’ game of checkers! Great game to teach a child strategy.

What does family night look like to you? Comment down below what family night games you, your spouse or you kids like to play!

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