The Garnica’s absolutely love the Chehalis Thousand Trails location! A park ranger has always been available right when we pull in. The ranger who greeted us for the first time, who is also the one we see the most, has gone above and beyond to help us with pick a private area to park as well as giving us a jump when our vehicle failed to start (read that story here).


There was plenty of large private spaces to choose from with water and electric hookups, fire pit and bench. Each time we were able to pick a spot and inform the rangers which site we chose. During the winter months they close several loops which happened to be our favorite spot (tear!)


If you want to take a nice hike, bike ride or saddle up on horseback, there is no shortage of trails in and around the campground.

We are not seasoned at all for hiking a found the inclines very mild. Then again we stopped frequently to pick the yummy berries that lead the way on each side. YUM!

Hidden Views

We stumbled upon this lovely scene while getting lost in Chehalis’s 300 acres of campground.

Just beyond the grass is a huge grassy slope the kids rolled down…okay so did we!

Children’s Play Area

If you kids are link ours, they love to play at parks. This one is really, really basic, but the kids had fun none the less.

Bathrooms & Showers

Shower for an hour….Think again! These bathrooms were outdated, but very clean thanks to their policy of making multiple rounds to check, clean and stock the bathrooms.

We took showers near loop B and to be honest they were pretty cold. I froze my honey-buns off and my son refused to get in lol

Tip: the showers near the family lodge have warmer water!

Recreational Room

Foosball, basketball, pool and video games! Adults and kids are bound to strike up a competitive game sooner or later. We had fun several times in the game room rights next to the laundry facility.

Dog Park

They have a fenced dog park! 15-20 minutes in Batman and Robin couldn’t take it anymore. They ran and played and attempted several times to escape!

Dump Stations

There are two dump stations. You will find the first one on the right side before you pass any sites.

The other is off to the left after loops A & B. This station is on a hill so make sure to apply your emergency break!

We’ve never had to wait to dump and other visitors do a great job at cleaning up!


If a game of Horseshoe or a match of tennis is your thing then you are in luck.

They have both here!

There is also a basketball court not pictured so the family is bound to have some kind of fun.


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Slip & Slide

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