Breaking down in an RV was so much worse than when we would get stranded with just the regular SUV.


Our 2012 Dodge Durango has had so many recalls it’ll make your head spin. We have taken it in more than seven times and spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to figure out what is wrong since the shop that specializes in Dodge vehicles couldn’t.

Thankfully as of November 2019 another recall was issued due to reports of stalling and various issues that I have told the shop on multiple occasions. Apparently silicone may be in the TIPM? Mechanic language is foreign to me. Just fix it. Now. Please.

The first time the Durango failed it started up with a jump from our Honda Civic. No service needed.

The second time (5/18/19) AAA (see roadside assistance post here) sent someone with a diagnostic tool and jumpers which did not work then sent for a tow truck to take it to the shop.


When Unreliable failed us the third time (9/2/19) at Chehalis RV Campground & Resort we called AAA about 2 PM. They were very helpful, but unfortunately they had no one who could get us to where we needed to be at the time we needed to be there (not their fault). Another issue is the tow truck can only transport two people at a a time. We are a family of four… not counting our three dogs.. two of them being full grown Dobermans.

The plan was that David or I would get towed to drop off the Durango in the city that our Honda Accord (also our destination) was parked (approximately 80 miles away) while the rest of us stayed back and extended our stay. So happy the Thousand Trails staff in Chehalis was so accommodating and helpful!

All this would have to happen the following day though which would cause David to miss work. After my husband prayed and as a last ditch effort between 9 and 10 PM we tried to start the Durango and it fired up! Woohoo! Without much thought we hitched up, cancelled our AAA service call and got the heck out of dodge (pun intended).


We were within 2 miles of our destination (hometown where our Honda is) going down the highway when Unreliable stalled. Brakes and steering wheel got stiff. The gas peddle no longer worked. Traveling at a decline worked greatly to our advantage. For a few hundred feet there was absolutely no where to safely pull over! The decline momentum allowed us to park in a *little* bit safer spot than the middle of a road with many semis going 60+MPH.

The new safe parking spot was an area between merging highways. Yeah….

So we thanked God that we were safe and called AAA again. They informed they would send State Patrol for our and the tow companies safety. Reasonable enough. Two tow trucks would be needed for both the Durango and travel trailer. Still we were faced with the same issue of being a family of four with three dogs.

At this desperate point we devised a plan. One of us would run the two miles to retrieve the our Honda, drive back and pickup the rest of the family and have the trailer towed to a local location while the Durango got sent off to the shop.

You may be thinking..How does a family of four with three dogs fit in a Honda Civic. GREAT QUESTION! Ebonie driving, David in the passenger seat with Batman on the floor/halfway on his lap, both kids in their giant Britax carseats/booster, Robin on the floor in the back and Carmello in the small gap between the kids. We figured this situation can work out when incident 2 (see above) happened.

THANKFULLY, we didn’t have to carryout this plan because David prayed AGAIN. All credit to almighty Himself, we were able to start the vehicle, drop off the trailer and dogs, pick up the Honda, drop off the Durango at our local dealership and cancel our second AAA services call.


Before hitting the road, even if you don’t have an RV, make sure you have some type of emergency roadside assistance (see a few options here). It will save you time, money, possibly save your vacation and keeping you one bad tow away from blowing your financial budget.

“pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”

1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

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