Once upon a time Walmart allowed RVers to park and stay overnight in their parking lot..

The End.

Literally, we got kicked out of a Walmart parking lot after spending over $500. I was so angry and started reading many blogs and review sites only to realize that Wallydocking (boondocking at Walmart) was a dying option.

Walmart staff themselves didn’t even approach us. They called the local police to get rid of us, a few other RVers and several semis. The police officer was kind and expressed he ‘hated’ this part of his job.

We fueled up in the middle of the night, packed up the kids and dogs and went off on our way.

Let us confirm that Walmart, as well as many other businesses, are cracking down on overnight stays even if you made a significant purchase. Be sure to go inside and get permission from someone in charge.

Also, check out other local places like Cracker Barrell, truck stops, rest station or even these low cost option here that are RV lifestyle friendly.

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