If you are ever in North Hollywood, California or Van Nuys, California be sure to check out the amazing Birrieria San Marcos food truck that serves the most unique, bomb tacos, burritos and consome!

David found Birrieria San Marcos on YouTube a year before we even made our way south from Seattle. We always kept it in mind should we be in the area. Conveniently, we made it as part of our cross country trip in Summer 2019!

Reading the reviews we made to get up early, drive 45 minutes and get in line. The review weren’t kidding…ARRIVE EARLY! We unfortunately took a bit of time to decide what we wanted and ended up waiting for about 30 minutes since every one and their mamas should up.

After getting our food we stocked up on the taco condiments and scuttled off to the car to scarf down the food. Now the first bite I wasn’t really sure I liked it. It didn’t taste like ANY taco I’ve ever had, but the more I ate the more it really just sat in how bomb it really was.

Here were some of the menu items and prices at the time we were there:

  • Consome $3
  • Tacos $2
  • Tostadita $2
  • Tacos Dorados $3
  • Queso-Taco $4
  • Vampiros $3
  • Mulitas $3
  • Burritos $8
  • Quesa Birria $8
  • Combination $12
  • Birria en Cado (S) $8 (L) $12

So affordable it’s easy to get carried away like order one of everything off the menu and going back for your favorites. I’m not naming anyone in particular who did that…..

Anyways, be sure to get there early because lines can get crazyyyy! Check out the video we saw on YouTube that convinced us to drive an hour out of our way to try below and check out their Instagram page here:

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