OFF-GRID COMPLETE SOLAR SYSTEM INSTALLATION: Battle Born Lithium Batteries and Victron BMV712 Monitor Kit

Battle Born 100Ah Lithium Bank Base Kit with Monitor


Cost: $1,175.00

This is a complete Battle Born battery system using one battery with a Victron BMV-712 Bluetooth battery monitor.

What you get:

1x BATTLI-BB-100 BB10012 Battle Born LiFePO4 12V100Ah
1x BATTLI-BB-100GC2 BBGC2 Battle Born LiFePO4 12V100Ah-GC2
1x MONITOR-VTBMV-S BAM030712000 Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart
1x TEMP-VTBMV ASS000100000 Victron Temperature sensor for BMV-700 series
2x LUG-4/0-RING-3/8 5339 4/0 Lug-3/8″ Ring
2x 93H-B3/4 Heat Shrink Black 1.5″ x 3/4″
2′ CABLE-4/0-1-BLK 4727 Cable-4/0