Going to and finishing college has been a life long dream, also a very difficult one the achieve. The going to college part has not been hard, it’s the finishing.

I believe this time around is it! I will finish with a B.S. in Accounting and am feeling amibtious enought to purue a Masters in Accounting so that I can get a CPA license.

Here I will document all the classes that I will be taking at Western Govenors University (WGU) and my progression through the Bachlors and Masters of Accounting programs they offer.

I hope this will help in any way if you are thinking about going to, back to or sending a child to college. Leave a comment below and I can send you a refer-a-friend email that will waive the $65 application fee. I get a $30 gift card for the WGU Night Owl gift shop where I can stock up on WGU merch (woot, woot!)


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