Summer 2019 was made extra special by this last minute roadtrip to Kentucky. You may ask what the heck could possibly be in Kentucky that would compel us to drive 40+ hours straight with only bathroom and fuel breaks. Well, The Ark Encounter.


Ark Encounter situated in beautiful Grant County in Williamstown, Kentucky features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. This happened to be a whopping 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high.

We heard of it’s building plans and then of the grand opening. Dreams of making our way there crossed our minds every so often. It wasn’t until we had a two week trip planned to go to Los Angeles, California for a concert. The concert was one day and we had no plans for the other 13 days.

As we brainstormed plans….it hit us! Lets add a couple thousand miles with Unreliable (our 2012 Dodge Durango) and cross off an item off our bucketlist (doesn’t actually exist) by visiting Noah’s Ark.

This turned into stopping in Zion, Illinois to visit my father for the first time since he was buried in 2006. Then an added stopping in El Paso, Texas where David was born.

Obviously this roadtrip got out of control in so many way, but it was nonetheless fabulous.

Back to Noah’s Ark!

Only ONE hotel accepted our “aggressive breed dogs”. Good thing it was conveniently smack dab in the middle of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

When we layed our head on the pillow we crashed hard and long. After waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed it was ooff to the Creation Museum then to the Ark.


You arrive at their parking lot where you purchase tickets:

  • Ages <10 years old: FREE
  • Ages 11 to adult: $24.95–$49.95
  • Ark & Creation Museum Combo Ages 11+: $44.95–$79.95
  • Annual Combo Pass Ages 11+: $129.95–$499.95

Parking cost is not included in ticket price!

Then are shuttled to the Ark. The site has food, drinks, souvenir shops and much more!


Below are the many angles we were able to capture to appreciate the time, effort, talent and creativity put into this design. I seriously did not expect it to look so amazing! Seeing the beautiful craftsmanship I don’t understand how it could not be appreciated, religion bias aside.

Obviously my expectations exceeded greatly!


As you enter you hear the sounds of waves and various types of animal noises and scratches. There was many humongous vases that would have held extra food and water with signs that explain how it could have been possible for Moses, his wife, sons and their wives to survive with enough food and water. Plus… you know.. two of each kind of animal.



Soar down thousands of feet of zip lines, reach up to 50 mph and 17 stories in the air. Ten of these mega zip lines are 1,000 feet or longer!

We did not try this attraction since both of our children are too young and/or too scared. Maybe when we go back at least one of them will be ready. It was really cool to see others zip line across the ponds though!

Zip Line Tickets
Level 151–2$49
Level 283–5$69
Level 3123–51*$99
*Does not include Flight Line jump.
Zip Lining is not included in ticket pricing


Bring your appetite and cravings because the food here is pretty bomb! Take it from me, a glutenous foodie. Then again, I didn’t set my standards very high so proceed with caution.


Take a moment to relax in Emzara’s Buffet, the two-story casual restaurant. There is a scenic deck of with an amazing view of the Ark. The buffet has many options including some specialty foods and diet-friendly choices. The restaurant is located outside the Ark, so be sure to grab something to eat before or after you board.

Adult and Youth (ages 11–59)$14.99
Senior (age 60+)$10.99
Child (ages 5–10)$6.99
4 and Under (ages 0–4)Free
*PRICES (as of 2/2020)
  • Pizza Wings and More – The name truly says it all
  • The Village Smokehouse and Grill – Enjoy a tasty pulled-pork or brisket sandwich!
  • Zofar’s – Enjoy burgers; cheeseburgers topped with warm, melted cheese, or add a slice of crispy bacon; chicken tenders; tater tots and more.
  • Village Ice Cream and Sweets – soft serve or hand dipped ice cream cone, or check out the wide selection of candy options, including jelly beans, rainbow candy, and much more!
  • Sweet & Salty – cinnamon sugar or turtle donuts, and chocolate-dipped frozen bananas

Need a drink or snack while touring the Ark? They have both available on the first, second, and third decks in snack stands, which are loaded with a more than enough options for the average person.

The gift shop features Uncle Leroy’s Fudge and coffee from Kezia’s Coffee. Fudge is usually something I indulge in once a year at the Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair), but hey YOLO and the fudge did not disappoint.


It’s important to note that the Ark was founded by a religous man, used a religious book (the Bible) as inspiration to build a life-sized biblical account of the Noah’s Ark.

With theses beliefs, they also have employees sign a Statement of Faith and their gift shop contains what other’s have called Anti-LGBTQ+ merchandise based of Ham’s “Taking Back The Rainbow”. If you are sensitive to this type of information may this be a warning to you and those you bring along.

The gift soft contained thousands of items from stuffed animal, decal, clothing, books and so so so much more!

Be sure to check it out!


(review coming soon)


(review coming soon)

Sound like fun?! You can checkout their website here. If you liked this post be sure to read about our experience at the Creation Museum here.

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