So a little over 6 months ago David and I sold our five-bedroom house and moved our family into a 2014 Eclipse Milan Trailer. Selling our house allowed us to PAY OFF ALL OF OUR DEBT and purchase our trailer with cash! Praise God.

We had a lot of time to plan and research this major transition as much as possible, but like many things, you have to learn also by experience. Not all of the experiences have been good.

Lessons Learned

  1. Don’t boondock at Walmart (see our story here)
  2. Have all of your RV accessories ready when you drive your rig off the lot or away for the other owners (we didn’t even have wheel chocks our first week)
  3. Dogs, like ours, need to be crated (checkout our Instagram here to see why)
  4. Have a plan on where you will be staying for the first month or two (it will help with the transition)
  5. If you are not used to boondocking, ease yourself into it. I cried many times the first month and seriously doubted if I could do this lifestyle!
  6. Get an RV membership to get the feel for different types of camping to see what will work best for you (hookups will likely be available just in cause you decide boondocking won’t work
  7. Not everyone will understand your choice
  8. Know you laws and rights, especially when it comes to RVing with children

What we miss

  • Having a ton of space to run around, play tag and ride the scooters through the house
  • A specific place to come home to after an adventure
  • House parties
  • Larger space of Homeschooling
  • All my clothes and shoes

What we don’t miss

  • Huge mortgage
  • Electric, gas, water, sewer and garbage bill
  • Being stationary all year round because we couldn’t afford to go anywhere
  • Working a regular job
  • Being away from our children
  • The stress of meeting societies standard of the ‘American Dream’
  • Being in debt
  • Lowes & Homedepot trips every other day
  • Yard work
  • Cleaning that huge house
  • The water main line leak under the driveway that cost $4,000
  • Fear of a recession

Are we continuing?

Do birds fly? Do fish swim? Is God amazing? Yes, yes and YES! So yes, we are continuing this RV adventure and can’t wait to share our 1 year RV update. We even committed ourselves to an upgraded Thousand Trails membership.

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